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Mother Caught Putting Son's Head In Toilet In Viral Video

LEESBURG, Fla. (CBS Local) - A Florida mother says she's receiving death threats after a video of her, apparently putting her son's head in a toilet, went viral.

Kaitlyn Wolf of Leesburg told reporters that the whole video was a joke and that her three-year-old son wasn't screaming, he was laughing. Local police are not convinced and have reportedly started an investigation into the incident after being tipped off by social media users who watched the video.

"The incident is already currently under investigation by the Department of Children and Families," Leesburg Police said in a statement obtained by WKMG. "Leesburg detectives will be coordinating with DCF on the investigation and forwarding all investigative findings to the State Attorney's Office, who will review the case and determine if any criminal charges are warranted."

"(It) sounds like he's like, hysterically crying, but he's not," Wolf told WKMG. "He's crying and he's laughing at the same time. After the video was done... (he) goes, 'Let's do it again.'" Wolf was reportedly showing the toddler what a toilet "swirly" was and then sent the video to the boy's babysitter.

"It was just a game," Wolf explained, via The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "I didn't inflict harm on him. He didn't have any bruise or cuts. He was laughing during the video." Despite the mother's assurance that her son wasn't hurt, Wolf claims she's been threatened on Facebook repeatedly since the video was shared.

"They've threatened to kill me, murder me, shove my head in a toilet, bury me halfway alive, cut my head off," Wolf told local reporters at WESH.

While Florida authorities continue to look into the controversial prank, the mother is asking the public to stop harassing her. "Everybody just stop Facebooking me and telling me you want me to die," Wolf added. Police did not say if they are looking into the threats against the Leesburg woman.

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