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Mother Dies In Afternoon Oakland Shooting While Protecting Her Children

OAKLAND (KCBS)— Police say a woman who was killed by gunfire Monday afternoon in West Oakland, was simply trying to get her young children to safety when she was caught in the hail of bullets. The woman's children were not hurt.

Officers responded to a report of shots fired around 4:45 p.m. at the 2900 block of Chestnut Street. Police said a fight broke out at that location near 30th street. That escalated into gunfire around the time the victim, 30-year-old Chyemil Pierce was making her way home after picking up her seven and nine-year-old children from daycare.

It's an area of West Oakland that is being gentrified, but neighbors still don't want to give their names. One woman, who spoke under the condition of anonymity, said the victim grew up in the area and didn't get into any trouble and minded her own business.

The woman said the victim's son was running towards her as the shooting was happening. She then covered her son to protect him, but was shot in the head in the process.

A 19 and 16-year old were also injured in the shooting. Later on Monday evening about 30 gunshots rang out near Highland Hospital. Police believe that shooting was related.

Police are interviewing people as the investigation is ongoing.

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