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More And More Rattlesnakes Slithering Into Bay Area Backyards

SAN CARLOS (KPIX 5) -- Hot weather means an increased threat of rattlesnakes around the Bay Area and on the Peninsula.

People in San Carlos say they've come across the reptiles out in the open -- in their backyards.

Pooja Mehra found not one, but two.

"It was just sitting here, all coiled up," she said.

"I was just outside because my kids wanted to play and I said let me take a look," says Mehra. "I see a rattlesnake in the corner …he was eating a lizard … half the lizard was inside (its mouth) and half outside."

And that was the second rattler she's found.

Mehra and her family have encountered snakes before but this year is different. The snakes have shown up earlier and there are more of them.

"I am nervous all the time especially in the summer," she said. "I cannot just let my kids play out in the yard by themselves."

David Allen is the owner of Got Snakes. He says he's been getting more calls from the Peninsula and East Bay about rattlesnakes in or near people's homes.

"This year especially, given the rains that we had after the drought," said Allen. "The weeds and the grass in the area have exploded which have fed the rodent population which is booming."

Allen says, on average he removes fifteen snakes a day -- far more than this time last year.

So, if your property borders open space, or if you're out on a trail it's important be cautious.

Allen says open garbage bins or pools or any source of water also attract slithery serpents.

Mehra's backyard was essentially a "Club Med" for snakes. Now she says she's worried even more will come.

"You don't want to mess around with them, and the farther they are away from us the better."

On both occasions, Mehra called Animal Control but was told if the snake wasn't in distress or threatening anyone they would not come out.

Thankfully, her gardener successfully removed both snakes.

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