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Monterey County declares Pajaro water supply safe to drink

PAJARO -- The water in the storm-ravaged Pajaro River area of Monterey County is now safe to drink again, it was announced Friday afternoon.

Officials with the Pajaro Water System, in conjunction with the State Water Resources Control Board and the Monterey County Health Department, has determined that water quality in the region is back to normal, following abatement of the health hazards and comprehensive testing of the water.

On March 25, water officials notified area residents that it was unsafe to drink or consume water and to use bottled water for drinking and cooking purposes following the devastating March rainstorms, which caused flooding in the Pajaro River area.

Though water service was restored on March 25, water district officials instructed Pajaro Water System customers not to drink the water due to it being found unsafe for consumption.

But, since then, water and county health officials have inspected facilities, cleaned, repaired and replaced affected equipment and flushed the water in the source and distribution system.

Water officials added Friday that multiple bacteriological samples were collected from the source and the distribution system, all showing the absence of bacteria.

The source and two distribution sites have also been tested for general mineral quality, general physical quality, inorganic contaminants, synthetic organic compounds, volatile organic compounds, radiological contaminants and disinfection byproducts. Officials said Friday that the results of all samples verify that the water quality meets all applicable drinking water standards.

Test results are available on the Pajaro Water System website at

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