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Monster snowstorm keeps I-80 closed, freezing travel in Sierra Nevada

Monster blizzard keeps Truckee residents, visitors snowbound
Monster blizzard keeps Truckee residents, visitors snowbound 04:13

TRUCKEE -- It was more of the same Sunday as snow and strong winds continued to pummel the Sierra Nevada.

"Been quite a weekend in terms of -- at our house we got about two feet which we don't normally get -- so this was a hell of a storm," said Eric Zetlin.

Eric Zetlin and his family were hoping to go skiing at a resort near Truckee. They drove all the way from Reno only to find the mountain still closed.

"It was pretty rough. It was tough visibility but the crews kept the streets in really nice shape so not as bad as it could have been," Zetlin said.

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Piper Johnson didn't even risk getting on the roads. Instead she and her dog Billy walked to downtown Truckee to check on her art gallery.

"We wanted to see if anyone else was open. To see, if other people were open, then maybe we should open but I just walked the whole strip and only saw, like, three other stores that were open so I thought 'naw, not really worth it,'" Johnson said.

Many restaurants however did open. KPIX caught up with several people braving the elements for a hot meal.

"My friends that used to live here are in town so we met them for breakfast. Jst came from church with all the other brave souls," said Marliese Bankert of Truckee.

A family from the Bay Area said they come up every year for a family vacation and weren't going to let this storm stop them.

"We're getting out of the house, we're coming down here. We've been playing games at night -- family dinners, everything -- so we love it," said Michael Escabel of Dublin.

The tricky part will be getting back home.

Many people KPIX interviewed had planned to leave town Sunday but the weather was keeping them another day.

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