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Saratoga-Based Mojo Vision Nears Rollout Of Smart Contact Lens That Provides Augmented Reality View

by Jocelyn Moran

SARATOGA (KPIX 5) -- Augmented reality firm Mojo Vision is a step closer to rolling out a smart contact lens prototype that creates a digital display within a user's own field of vision.

The wearable tech is called Mojo Lens.

"We're inventing the next generation of computing," said Steve Sinclair, the senior vice president of product and marketing at Mojo Vision. "We're trying to take us out of our smartphones and looking down at screens and bringing that information up into the big world."

It could work for daily tasks like exercising or bring you information while you're trying to catch your flight, like your flight number and seat.

"And do that while carrying something in your hands," Sinclair said.

Getting the Saratoga-based firm's prototype off the ground has been more than six years in the making. Built into the lenses are motion sensors, battery power and wireless radio to stream content to your eyes. People would wear one in each eye, and the lens would communicate with an accessory on their body that can talk with a smartphone to get content.

"Most importantly, at its heart is a really small, dense, bright display that's made from a micro-LED material that allows us to project information onto your eye," Sinclair said.

The next step is testing the lens in the eyes of people within the company. And then, Sinclair says they hope to test them in a group like athletes.

"If you're running, if you're cycling, if you're skiing, having information in your eye, not looking down at a screen, is really important," he said.

Sinclair adds that they also hope they will help people with vision impairments.

"They can use augmented-reality overlays like edge detections, like contrast enhancements, zooming in and out on texts," he said.

Sinclair said the hope is that in the next few years they'll be available for someone to get prescribed by their optometrist. But for now, we get a peek into what the future may look like.

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