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Modesto Man Arrested For Drunkenness On Way To Court For Public Intoxication Charge

MODESTO (CBS) - A man accused of showing up to court under the influence is under arrest, and what got him arrested is the same thing that brought him to court in the first place.

And by all accounts, he tried to get to court, but instead deputies would walk him to the Stanislaus County Jail.

"He did make an effort to show up to the courthouse to attend his court hearing," said Dep. Raj Singh, Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department.

But that effort wouldn't go too far. Ryan Nunes would be stopped at the Stanislaus County Court security checkpoint, not for a loaded weapon, but rather just being loaded.

"The deputies noticed he was under the influence," said Singh.

Nunes had a date with a judge he didn't want to miss but he allegedly was in no shape to stand up to the charge against him. Apparently he could barely stand at all.

"He wasn't able to walk and his speech was very slurred," said Singh.

That charge he was there to answer to was public intoxication.

After arguing with deputies, they say they instructed Nunes to reschedule his court date and sober up, but after being tossed out, they said he sat on the court steps to see a judge.

"He was asked several times to leave. He refused to do so," said Singh.

So, he was arrested and walked a single block to the county jail with another charge of public intoxication. Nunes now also faces a charge for failing to appear to that court date. He's scheduled to be back in court in the coming weeks.

According to court records, Nunes has numerous other alcohol related charges.

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