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Milpitas Police Warn Residents About Rash Of Car Break-Ins

MILPITAS (KPIX) -- Police in Milpitas on Monday were sounding the alarm to residents and business owners to be more vigilant after a recent spike in car break-ins.

Since the beginning of the year, police report that there have been 145 car burglaries. There were 88 in January and 57 in February, according to a press release.

Police said the four hot spots were Ulfert's Center, Milpitas Square, McCarthy Ranch and the Great Mall.

Louis Broughton II said his car was broken into at the Great Mall just a couple of weeks ago. It's the second time his car has been targeted by thieves in the last few months.

"Soon as they pull up, they look through the window, smash both the windows, take the bags, the first bag they took they opened it," he said.

He said the crooks stole two bags, but nothing inside was valuable except one special item.

"My dad's necklace. That necklace is older than me," Broughton II said. "I'm never going to get that back and it hurts to think that some idiot took my stuff."

Milpitas police said they are increasing patrols at shopping centers, and have met with property management and security companies to try and decrease the number of car break-ins that have been occurring.

Setu Mehta said ever since her co-worker's car was broken into outside of a Milpitas restaurant, she's been worried she could be next.

"I mean, I make sure I park close to the front door," she said.

Broughton II fears the thieves who broke into his car threw out his father's seashell necklance once they saw it, and he may never see it again.

"It doesn't have no financial value to it, but it means everything to me," he said.

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