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Man Says His Camera Captured An 'Angel' Above His Truck

EAST JORDAN, MI (CBS Local) - A Michigan man and his pastor say an angel was spotted over his truck, and they have the proof on film.

Glen Thorman, the fire chief for East Jordan, shared a pair of photos, which appear to show an angel floating above his truck. The photos, taken by Thorman's motion sensor camera, were undoubtedly a heavenly encounter according to the fire chief.

"I said, 'That's an angel!' and I was just blown away," Thorman told reporters, via CBS19. "I couldn't wait to send it to my wife and send it to Deneille (Moes)," the pastor of Jordan Rivers Church. Moes shared the images on Facebook, which have left believers around the country in awe.

For skeptics, a local photographer is explaining that the angelic photos may be just a simple moth sighting. "It is definitely moth-shaped in the first photo," Petoskey photography studio owner Joe Clark said, via THV11. "You can kind of clearly see what looks, or could be interpreted as, wings and a head, but at the same time since it's not clearly in focus and since it is what it is, there may be room for interpretation."

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