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Michelin-Starred Lord Stanley Transforms Into Pop-Up Space Featuring Visiting Chefs

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) -- Michelin-starred restaurant Lord Stanley in Russian Hill doesn't look any different from the outside, but inside, there's a whole new operation underway.

Turntable has debuted at Lord Stanley, featuring well-known and up-and-coming guest chefs from around the world. The wines will also reflect a particular region.

First up is Chef Micaela Najmanovich, owner of Anafe in Buenos Aires.

She said her food reflects her Jewish heritage and time spent in places like Australia and Vietnam.

"It's huge for us, actually because of the pandemic as well for us to be able to cook outside of Argentina is huge, and as well - Argentina we don't have michelin stars," she said. "So for us to have the opportunity to show our food in a restaurant with this kind of service and kitchen is huge."

Diners can choose from a multi-course meal indoors or more casual options at its to-go window.

"Everyone made changes and pivoted during the pandemic, we all did a little bit of everything to kind of just keep going and moving forward," said Lord Stanley chef and owner Carrie Blease. "I think it made us just think about what people are looking for in a dining experience, how to keep things fresh."

Blease said she and her husband Rupert loved traveling for pop-ups before the pandemic. Turntable is her opportunity to provide space for other chefs and attract new and repeat diners.

San Francisco resident Rachel Forisha has dined at Lord Stanley before, and now she's back for Turntable.

"I know Michelin star restaurants tend to change the menu anyway, but this is going to be completely different countries and focuses," she said. "It will just be a very appealing - it's appealing for people who like trying new things."

Turntable is also assisting visiting chefs with housing, flights, and taking them to local farmers' markets.

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