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Michelin Star Restaurant Petit Crenn Closes Doors To Serve Needy In San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) -- When it comes to serving the community, there's nothing like a team that produces 300 meals a day, led by a world-renowned, three-star Michelin chef.

French chef and San Francisco restaurant owner Dominique Crenn is closing one of her restaurants, Petit Crenn, to the public for the rest of the year to prepare meals for Glide Memorial Church.

"Feeding that community or feeding other communities, everybody should be able to have good food, and food that is good for you because food is medicine, you know?" said Crenn.

The idea of a world-famous chef sending large quantities of food to the needy took the folks at Glide by surprise.

"A little blown away!" said George Gundry, Glide's Daily Free Meals Program Director. "A little overwhelmed at first, and it really happened so quickly. I think we found about it the end of one week and we picked up our first meals the following Tuesday."

Petit Crenn is part a New York-based restaurant non-profit group called Re-Think Food, organizing restaurants to expand out to feed those in need. For Chef Dom, it's real.

"Across the street, where you have those tents, and people like, leading their own lives and doing their own thing and … doing things that perhaps that you don't want to see but that is reality … in San Francisco, it's a reality," she said.

300 meals, five days a week, Chef Dom says she intends to keep helping as much as she can, as long as she can.




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