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Metallica's Kirk Hammett Slams Donald Trump

By Staff

(RADIO.COM) – Metallica's Kirk Hammett minces no word when asked about President-Elect Donald Trump in a new interview.

Speaking with Billboard Hammett blasts Trump for his views on climate change. Specifically his claim that it was a hoax perpetuated by China.

"Okay. Let's sit with that statement right there," said Hammett. "What does that tell you about the man? What does that tell you? Any normal, educated person who has a pretty good grip on reality — evenly balanced, could even be a centrist sort of person, not left or not right, any person who I just described — upon hearing something like that would just think, "What the f—in' fairy tale did that come out of?"

"For me, a good leader is someone with integrity, honesty and altruism, and a general sense of what is right and what's wrong," he continued. "We don't have that in our leadership right now, and that puts me in a state of awareness and attentiveness, and it puts me in a state of wait and see what will happen. But if anything happens that I'm not okay with, I'm going to be super vocal about it for the first time in my life."

In fact, Hammett is ready for full on public dialogue via social media. "I'm just waiting to get into a personal Twitter war with him," he said "I'm just waiting."

Hammett is careful to point out that these opinion are his own, and he is not speaking for the band as a whole.

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