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Members of Congress hear bombshell testimony during UFO hearing

House panel holds hearing on UFOs
House panel holds hearing on UFOs 03:17

Two former military and one former intelligence officer dropped a bombshell in Washington on Wednesday.

At a packed subcommittee hearing, they, singly or together:

  • Agreed UFOs pose a threat to national security 
  • Agreed military aircraft were vulnerable and were subject to retaliation that was "very brutal and very unfortunate", and darkly hinted at retaliatory murder
  • Met with people who had direct or indirect knowledge of non-human-origin craft
  • Are aware of reverse-engineering on alien craft
  • That on said craft, non-human biologics were present
UFO house hearing
(L-R) Ryan Graves, executive director of Americans for Safe Aerospace, David Grusch, former National Reconnaissance Officer Representative of Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena Task Force at the U.S. Department of Defense, and Retired Navy Commander David Fravor Drew Angerer / Getty Images

The most unheard of suggestions at the hearing came from David Charles Grush, a former Pentagon intelligence official who made much the same revelations in a print interview some months ago. 

For their part, U.S. Navy aviators Ryan Graves and David Fravor recounted their own close calls with U.A.P.s beginning in 2004 (off the coast of San Diego in excellent weather, according to Cmdr. Fravor), and continuing on in 2014-2020 "and beyond" according to Ryan Graves. Graves said about 5% of pilots have reported encounters, but most stay silent, fearing ridicule.

As for Mr. Grush, he had this exchange with a subcommittee members:

Mr. Moskowitz: "Have you met with people with direct knowledge or have direct knowledge yourself of non-human origin craft?"

David Grush/Fmr. Pentagon Intelligence: "Yes, I personally interviewed those individuals."

Ms. Mace: "If you believe we have the crashed craft, as you stated earlier, do we have the bodies of the pilots who piloted this craft?

Mr. Grush: "As I've stated publicly already in my News Nation interview, biologics came with some of these recoveries. Yeah."

Ms. Mace: "Were they human or non-human biologics?

Mr. Grush: "Non-human. And that was the assessment of people with direct knowledge on the program I talked to that are currently still on the program."

"We're not bringing little green men are flying saucers into the hearing. Sorry to disappoint about half y'all," quipped Tim Burchett, R-Tenn. Which actually would have been exactly the sort of convincing evidence some scientists have endlessely looked for ("show me an ashtray from their spacecraft", Carl Sagan is said to have said).

"The big takeaway for me today in today's hearings on this, was that there was no real physical evidence being presented. It's all, you know, witness testimony about testimony, which as you know, is not great evidence of just about anything," said Seth Shostak, PhD, a radio astronomer with the SETI Institute in Mountain View.

Dr. Shostak, in short, would rather see alien bodies and spacecraft than hear about them.

"But when he's (Mr. Grush) is asked, 'Well, where is it? Show some photos. Do something to prove that that's more than merely an assertion of yours.' And he says, 'Well, I can't because it's classified,'" said Shostak.

That may change, given the alarming testimony on the military's supposed vulnerability to little (or not so little) objects that skim along the surface of the ocean like a rifle bullet, as revealed in the below exchange.

Mr. Ogles: "Would you have had the capability to defend yourself, your crew, your aircraft?"

Pilots: "Absolutely not sir. No."

Mr. Ogles: "Is it possible that these UAPs would be probing our capabilities, yes or no? Mr. Graves? Yes. Mr. Grush? Yes. Mr. Fravor? Definitely."

Mr. Langworthy: "it looks like that we have a problem here that needs further investigation."

NASA's own report on U.A.Ps is due any moment now. And for its part, the Department of Defense says there's "no credible evidence" for any kind of extraterrestrial activity.

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