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McDonald's Rolls Out Garlic Fries To 240 Bay Area Restaurants

FREMONT (CBS SF) -- Starting Wednesday, McDonald's began offering its Gilroy garlic fries at 240 restaurants around the Bay Area.

The Golden Arches tested the menu item back in May and customer response indicated Bay Area diners were "lovin' it."

After months of waiting, the first batch of garlic fries was cooked, whipped up and ready to serve Wednesday.

A total of 240 Bay Area McDonald's restaurants now serve garlic fries, including one CBS SF visited on Fremont Boulevard in Fremont.

The garlic is grown locally in Gilroy.

When the fast food chain tested out the garlic fries in just a few restaurants in the South Bay a few months ago, they were so popular they quickly sold out.

At one San Jose restaurant, customers ate the entire week supply of garlic for the salty side order in a single day.

Bay Area foodies love their garlic breath, but what about the rest of California or even the country?

For now, McDonald's officials said the garlic fries were just meant to be a local treat.

It takes just a few minutes to make a batch fries and they are made to order.

The owner of the Fremont McDonald's said customers have asked about the garlic fries for months since the May test marketing.

As far as prices being charged for the fries, they're different at each McDonald's Restaurant.

The new menu item is being made available just days before the kickoff of the 38th annual Gilroy Garlic Festival, one of the most popular food festivals in the greater Bay Area.

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