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McDonald's Tests Crab Sandwich In Bay Area Locations

SAN JOSE (CBS SF) – After garlic fries scored big with customers, McDonalds is offering their own take on another Bay Area specialty, crab sandwiches.

The fast food giant is testing out the McDonald's Crab Sandwich at four locations in the San Jose area.

Last May, McDonald's introduced Gilroy Garlic Fries in San Jose, selling out a week's supply of fries in a single day. Two months later, the fries made with garlic from Gilroy was sold at locations throughout the Bay Area.

At almost nine dollars a pop, the sandwich is a bit pricey for a fast-food menu. But it was still worth a try for many curious locals, including KPIX 5 reporter Len Ramirez

"A little messy, but it's good," said Ramirez.

According to a company statement, the sandwich features snow crab meat, celery and mayo dressing, served in a sourdough bun. The sandwich was developed with Bay Area chef and "Top Chef" contestant Ryan Scott.

"It's a local favorite. You go around AT&T Park, Fisherman's Wharf, you find a lot of crab sandwiches," explained South Bay McDonald's franchise owner Cosme Fagundo.

So why is it being unveiled in the South Bay? Because that is where Cosme's restaurants are.

The crab experts in San Francisco KPIX 5 spoke with had a bit of a mixed reaction to the new menu item, especially because they're using snow crab instead of local Dungeness crab.

"Dungeness crab is the premier crab of the West Coast and it's what everyone comes for," said Angel Cincotta of the Alioto-Lazio Fish Company.

"We were using crab that was available to us, but the flavors are Bay Area," said Fagundo.

While the crab experts would prefer it if McDonald's was purchasing local crab from local crabbers, they note that the chain's newest menu item will be good for their business too

"Any positive push for crab is great for the industry," said Cincotta.

McDonald's said if feedback is positive, the crab sandwich would be available at 250 Bay Area locations later this year.

Locations offering the sandwich include 2191 Monterey Road in San Jose, 2699 Union Ave in San Jose, 4838 San Felipe Road in San Jose and 3509 Homestead Road in Santa Clara.

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