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Mayweather, McGregor Bringing Trash Talk To A New Level

By Matt Citak

Although the fight was announced just over two months ago, Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor have been trading insults with each other for over a year. It began when, seemingly out of nowhere, McGregor posted a picture on Twitter of the two fighters facing each other with the caption, "MMA vs. Boxing" in May 2016.

Things escalated a few months later when Mayweather posted the video of McGregor tapping out against Nate Diaz at UFC 196, one of the UFC star's three career losses, on his Instagram. Mayweather added a picture of himself laughing to the end of the video and wrote, "49-0 vs. Connor The Notorious Quitter."

Credit: Mike Stobe/Getty Images

The slights continued to fly between the two leading up to the official announcement of the fight. Mayweather insulted McGregor about his net worth, while McGregor taunted Mayweather by wearing a C.J. Watson jersey.

The trash talk heated up on the four-city promotional tour. There were some vicious one-liners, some memorable sights, and certainly some tense moments between the two men. It was a war of words that had its highs and lows, but delivered a number of entertaining moments, including McGregor wearing a pinstripe suit with a very explicit, NSFW message, and Mayweather throwing a backpack full of money in the air on stage.

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The big showdown is finally here, which means the Mayweather-McGregor spectacle is unfortunately coming to an end. Regardless of what happens in the ring, these two men have provided us with some great entertainment over the last few months, and have done wonders to add to the excitement of this bout. No fight in recent memory has had as much hype as tomorrow's main event.

The action begins tomorrow night at 9 p.m. Eastern Time on Showtime PPV.

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