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Napa Valley Unified School Board Rejects Resolution Banning Future Mask Mandates

NAPA (KPIX 5) – On Wednesday, school board members in Napa considered a resolution to not require students to wear face coverings again, even if state and federal law mandated masks in the future.

The resolution was brought forth by the See My Smile Campaign. It argues masking should be a choice but others strongly disagree.

Will Foreman, a Napa resident told KPIX 5, "I was angry. I was angry at the idiots that are opposed to simple measures to protect our fellow citizens."

Foreman was one of the few that attended Wednesday night's Napa Valley Unified School District's board meeting in person.

Many others though called into the meeting to address their concerns about masking children. They say masking has impacted kids' mental health, caused speech delays and argue masks don't work.

"I believe in everyone's choice to wear a mask. We are asking that you do not mandate children to wear a mask in the future," said Jeanette Bailey.

Alexis, who also spoke at the meeting, said, "It should be a choice. It should be a choice for the kids, which we know for the younger children, it should be up to their parents. We are in charge of our children, we should get to choose whether or not there's a mask on their face."

The school board though voted unanimously against the resolution. With the mask mandate no longer in place, the board felt it was unnecessary to put the district in a position to go against state and federal mandates.

"We're a public agency. We have an obligation to follow the law," board president Robin Jankiewicz told KPIX 5. "The consequences of us not doing so can have dramatic affects."

Those consequences include putting the financial health of the district in jeopardy.

Jankiewicz explained, "I do think they need to advocate at the state because the consequence for us is very different. We can't assume the financial risk on behalf of 16,000 students."

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