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Martinez refinery warns of flaring as maintenance project wraps up

PIX Now morning edition 5-17-2024
PIX Now morning edition 5-17-2024 11:43

Martinez Refining Company said Thursday it will soon finish a major maintenance project, called a turnaround, and that residents may see flaring until the end of May while the system restarts.

The refinery said it will restart equipment "in a safe and controlled manner," which could cause flaring until each unit is up and running.

MRC has overhauled equipment on several process units and invested more than $70 million in equipment upgrades involving teams of refinery personnel and contract business partners, the refinery said. Contractors brought in more than 600 building trades craftworkers through local unions to assist the refinery in the turnaround. 

MRC said it will follow a flare minimization plan similar to the one used to shut the equipment down in April, which the refinery said it successfully did without flaring. 

"Our goal is to minimize or prevent flaring during the restart process," MRC said.

The refinery also said flares are an essential part of a refinery's integrated, engineered safety systems, designed to safely manage excess combustible gases by burning them off efficiently and effectively. 

The refinery said its website has more information on flaring at

MRC said anyone with questions or feedback can call their weekday phone number at (925) 313-3777 or our after-hours number at (925) 313-3601. 

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