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Former Convent in Larkspur Becomes Shelter for Homeless Seniors

LARKSPUR (KPIX) -- The Marin charitable organization Homeward Bound and Larkspur's St. Patrick's Catholic Church have teamed up to give homeless seniors an early Christmas gift -- a roof over their heads.

Steve Minken said, "I'm 66. Now I have a home of my own! It's a dream come true, y'know?"

Minken is one of twelve homeless seniors who will be moving into what once was a convent for St. Patrick's Catholic Church and is now leased by Homeward Bound Charities.

Mary Kay Sweeney is with Homeless Bound. She and her colleague Paul Fordham supervised the repairs the old house needed before folks could move in.

"We completely gutted this whole kitchen and made it really bright," she said. "It's the most gratifying work I've ever done, really. To have people find their way home and us help them do that -- nothing is better than that."

Monsignor Padazinsky said the seniors are a perfect fit for the quiet neighborhood.

"These are seniors ... they are not younger people who are going to be throwing wild parties, at least I don't think they are!" he chuckled.

Parties or not, the seniors are very happy for a new start, a new home and a new beginning.

Sandy and her husband Bob are moving in. She says simply having a place to hang clothes is a Christmas blessing.

"Christmas! My Christmas present. So, it's wonderful! It's a good thing."

In the next few days, the former convent will once again be filled with Christmas joy.

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