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Man wounded in Antioch police shooting

PIX Now Evening Edition 10-1-23
PIX Now Evening Edition 10-1-23 11:28

ANTIOCH -- Police in Antioch on Sunday morning shot and injured a man who was allegedly fleeing with a gun in his hand, the department said.

At about 7:41 a.m., Antioch officers were investigating a suspicious vehicle in the 200 block of W. 3rd Street. A man was inside the vehicle who was allegedly in possession of a firearm.

Antioch Police Shooting Locator

Police said they gave commands to the man, which they say he refused. The suspect attempted to flee in the vehicle but was unsuccessful, so he got out of the vehicle and fled on foot with his gun in his hand, police said.

Officers "engaged" with the man and "shots were fired," said police, though it is not clear if the man fired his alleged weapon. The man was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive.

According to police, the man had a warrant for an alleged homicide earlier this year in Antioch.

Since this is an active investigation, police are not releasing the man's name nor providing any further information about the case.

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