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Larry Magid: Apple's iOS 7 May Drain Battery, Data

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)—Apple's new iOS 7 may have more bells and whistles than previous versions of the operating system for the iPhone, but some users are saying some of its features may be eating into their battery life and data plan.

One of the biggest issues here is background processing. A couple of iOS versions ago, Apple allowed apps like map apps, to work in the background while you're not even seeing them on your screen. The phone could even be dimmed and they apps are actually chugging away.

Now they've extended that to a lot of other apps. I had apps from Delta Airlines and Caltrain running in my own background app refresh screen on my iPhone. I don't need these running constantly because I'm not taking the train every minute of the day nor am I flying daily.

Apple's iOS 7 Draining Battery And Data

Read all about how you can fix this through the Settings menu on my website, That way you can turn off the apps that really don't need to be processing in the background.

There's other things you can do too. You can kill apps that you're not using. For example if you were using Google Maps and you've arrived at your destination, Apple doesn't automatically do that, but you can. You can also save battery power by dimming the screen, turning off WiFi, and a few other tricks as well.

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