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Los Gatos Man Alleges Years Of Sexual Abuse At Hands Of Adoptive Parents

SAN JOSE (CBS SF) -- A Los Gatos man has filed a lawsuit accusing the parents who adopted him of using him as a child sex slave for more than a decade.

Denis Flynn says he dreamed of being adopted as a nine-year-old Russian orphan. He alleges that dream soon turned into the nightmarish reality of near daily sexual abuse at the hands of his adoptive parents.

"It went from once in a while to every single day," said Flynn." I knew it was wrong. But I was very afraid. Not of my father -- not at first. I was afraid of…was I going to lose all this?"

The Santa Clara County Sheriff's Department arrested his parents -- Ralph and Carolyn Flynn -- in November. They were charged with multiple counts of child abuse.

Denis Flynn has filed a civil lawsuit alleging his adoption was a "conspiracy" by parents who used him as their "sexual slave" subjecting him to "the most outrageous, grotesque and painful acts of sexual abuse."

"When he was adopted by Ralph and Carolyn Flynn, he truly thought that this was going to be his second chance at life," said Flynns attorney Nina Shapirshteyn. "But he was thrown into this sick household where he was abused every day."

After enduring the abuse for more than a decade, Flynn said he finally found the courage to speak out. He confided in a friend who, in turn, notified the sheriff's department.

"I was tired of feeling pain and anger. I was tired. I didn't want to fight anymore," said Denis Flynn. "I didn't want to do what Ralph was asking me to do anymore."

Adoptive father Ralph Flynn remains behind bars, while the mother Carolyn Flynn is out on $500,000 bail. Denis Flynn is currently still living in the Los Gatos home where he grew up.

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