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Los Gatos-Based Netflix Takes Jab At Amazon With Exploding Drone Delivery Ad

LOS GATOS (CBS SF) - Video provider Netflix recently had a little fun at the expense of rival with a mock commercial for drone-powered DVD home delivery service.

"That's right, our fleet of high-tech drones will deliver your disk to you within mere seconds of you adding it to your queue," says Hank Breeggemann, general manager of Netflix's DVD division, in the video, which was posted on YouTube. "Unlike other companies trying to rush unproven technology to market, we have literally spent days working out most of the bugs."

Shortly after that statement, one malfunctioning drone appears to explode near a shipping center.

The Los Gatos-based company's "Drone-to-Home" service is also seen tracking down people near the St. Louis Arch, on a camping trip, and even in the men's restroom.

Two Netflix employees reportedly made the video for the DVD division's annual meeting.

Last December, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos made headlines when he appeared on '60 Minutes' said that the online retail giant was exploring the idea of making deliveries by drone.

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