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Long-Lost Brother, Sister Flirt With Each Other On Tinder Before Realizing They're Related

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) -- More than a decade after two Dutch siblings were split-up by divorcing parents, they both swiped right and began flirting with each other on Tinder before realizing they were related.

The brother and sister hadn't heard from one another in more than 15 years, a Netherlands dating blog reported reported.

24 year old Erik de Vries was separated from his now 22-year-old sister Josephine Egberts in 1999 when their parents split, according to the blog.  Erik and his twin brother went with their father to Belgium while Josephine stayed with her mother in Breda.

Erik moved back to the Netherlands for school in 2008, and this April matched with Josephine on Tinder.

After flirting and chatting, the two soon realized that they were long lost siblings.

"It's too crazy for words that you come into contact with each other again like this, but that also makes it very special.  I am very happy that I can now still get to know my sister," Erik told the blog.

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