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Speeders, Unsafe Drivers Around San Francisco Embarcadero Nabbed In Joint CHP, Police Operation

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – San Francisco police and the California Highway Patrol joined forces Wednesday morning to help nab speeding drivers on The Embarcadero along with others not looking out for pedestrians.

The speed limit on The Embarcadero is 30 miles per hour, but law enforcement officials said people often see it as a modified expressway, often traveling at much faster speeds. At Green Street and The Embarcadero, law enforcement officers on motorcycles were lined up, waiting to nab speeders going 40, 45 miles an hour and up.

"Normally in the morning, it's the North Bay people that take The Embarcadero that come by," said San Francisco Police Officer Daniel Shiu. "They're late to work or in a rush to get to work, so they tend to speed more in the morning time."

Officers were also positioned Wednesday along nearby Sansome Street as a plainclothes police officer posing as a pedestrian walked into a crosswalk, swooping on plenty of drivers who did not yield.

A citation for failing to yield in San Francisco is a $238 fine and a point on the driver's license.

The safety operation is part of San Francisco's Vision Zero campaign, aimed at eliminating pedestrian deaths in the city.

San Francisco police and the CHP said the key is for drivers to pay attention. With so many more people working in the downtown area, that means more pedestrians are likely on the street.

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