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Livermore School Kids Thank Janitor Who Saved Classmate

LIVERMORE (KPIX 5) -- A week after a Livermore elementary school custodian saved a choking child's life in the lunchroom, the students at the school on Monday gave him a surprise "thank you."

Patrick Mulrooney is a school custodian Altamont Creek Elementary, where the children call him "Mr. Patrick." He has worked for the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District for 22 years.

Livermore school janitor Patrick Mulrooney
Livermore school janitor Patrick Mulrooney (CBS)

Last week, Mulrooney noticed a little girl choking during lunchtime. He quickly moved in, assessed the situation and gave the girl the Heinrich maneuver.

Within seconds, she was breathing again.

While he told KPIX 5 he didn't see what the fuss is all about and actually seemed a bit uncomfortable about all the attention, the kids at the school were happy to call him a hero.

"I was just doing my job," said Mulrooney.

At lunchtime on Monday, Mulrooney received a standing ovation from students and teachers for his actions.

"What he did doesn't surprise me, but it is reassuring to know all of our professionals in our district are trained with CPR and first aid," said Altamont Creek Elementary School Principal Tara Aderman

Aderman said the student has recovered and is doing fine.

Even though Mr Patrick says he was just doing his job, the Altamont Creek students KPIX 5 spoke to think he needs to know they feel about him.

"He is courageous, strong and helpful, said one student who affirmed Mr. Patricks hero status.

"He is a hero and very helpful," said another student.

"He cares for everyone," said a third.

This wasn't the first time Mulrooney has saved a child from choking. He says he saved a first grader back in 2000.

"I love my job," the janitor said

When he was told, "And they love you," Mulrooney simply smiled and said, "I can tell."

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