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List Of Jailed Oakland Protesters Reveals Most Live In The East Bay

OAKLAND (CBS SF) -- According a partial list of people booked into the Santa Rita Jail, in Dublin and Glen Dyer Jail, in Oakland, overnight and into the early morning hours Wednesday, the majority of them live in the East Bay.

During previous protests, like the Oakland Occupy demonstrations of 2011 and 2012, there were concerns many of the participants did not come from the East Bay, let alone Oakland. In particular, the so-called "Black-Bloc," a group of anarchists blamed for vandalizing downtown Oakland businesses, were considered by many Occupy supporters as destructive outsiders. The group, Anonymous, even posted a video warning them to quit, and questioning whether some members were actually police, trying to incite violence.

Last night, almost all of the individuals on the arrest list were from Oakland, Alameda, Berkeley and other East Bay cities. Only 2 were from San Francisco. One person listed a home address in Oregon and another in Chico. There were 2 transients.

As for the ages of the individuals arrested, only one person was over 30. Out of 28 arrests, only 6 were females.

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