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LGBTQ-Themed Mural In San Francisco's Mission District Repeatedly Vandalized Just Ahead Of Pride Festivities

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— For the third time now, a gay, lesbian and transgender-themed mural in San Francisco's Mission District has been defaced with spray paint. The vandalism incidents are sparking questions, concerns and anger just days before the city's annual Pride Parade and festivities.

Residents and visitors are upset to see the spray paint vandalism—the most recent instance which occurred on Sunday. Some are calling it a hate crime.

The organization sponsoring the large mural, Galeria de la Raza, on 24th and Bryant is in the heart of the Mission, which has traditionally been known for its Latino businesses and traditional culture.

Defaced LGBT-themed mural in San Francisco's Mission District. (photo credit: Tim Ryan)

"This issue has hit a nerve because there is still some homophobia within the community that needs to be addressed and I think we need to talk about it. One of the things at Galleria that we are hoping to do in this coming week is set up a conversation with community members," said Henry Pacheco is with Galleria de la Raza.

"By defacing it, they're kind of trying to silence the conversation and I feel it's a necessary conversation," said Brian who's visiting from Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, another costly replacement is on order with hopes of being in place by Pride weekend.

Police are investigating surveillance video that shows two masked suspects. No further details were available.



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