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Letty B's Springtime Make-Up Tips


Spring is in the air and 99.7 [NOW!]'s Letty B has your tips to look your very best! Below, she gives you tips on what nail color rocks, what shade color fit your eyes and which sunglasses complete your fit!



It's finally spring time, almost summer! The sun is out, so of course you want to dress the part! I love bright colors for my nails, makes me feel like I'm matching the season. My favorite shades for warm weather are coral, orange, mint, yellow, light blues and you can never go wrong with different shades of pink-- basically, anything bright and fun that makes your nails pop! My go-to brand is OPI. The shades are always bright and my manicure lasts days! But being on budget, Sally Hansen works just as well and less expensive. Don't forget to invest in a good top coat to avoid chips and nail breakage.




Lipstick makes all the difference when finishing off your look for the day. Let's brighten up your day and match the sun by adding some color to your face. When paired with light eye shades, adding light pinks, corals, and bright red to your lips can complete the perfect summer look. When adding lip color to heavier eye shades and eye liner, add a glossy nude to your lips to give some balance. Don't forget to moisturize your lips with some Beez Wax chap stick before adding lip color for that smooth lip look.


"Armani exchange glasses $40 at Nordstrom's Rack!!! I love that store!" (credit: @lettybradio/Instagram) "Armani exchange glasses $40 at Nordstrom's Rack!!! I love that store!" (credit: @lettybradio/Instagram)


Ladies, we don't want the sun in our eyes making us squint and smearing our eye make up! Completing your sunny look with a cute pair a shades will not only protect those beautiful eyes of yours, but also gives you a hint of style. I love aviator style glasses for the summer time. They're light, stylish, and go with any outfit! Make sure to have a pair of gold and silver in your closet to match the jewelry of the day!

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