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Late Night Hosts Bid Farewell To Letterman

Tonight the iconic David Letterman bids farewell to the "Late Show" with his final episode ever, and many of late night television's biggest hosts can't help but reflect on the comedian and his impact on television over the last 22 years.

Late night talk shows that are usually filled with jokes, humor and wildly entertaining interviews took a more sentimental turn as hosts like Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Myers honored Letterman's creativity and unique brand of humor.

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Get ready to have your heart strings tugged as you take a look at what everyone had to say:


Jimmy Fallon

Fallon thanked Letterman for his innovation in the late night genre before reminiscing about his first appearance on the "Late Show with David Letterman." A big kudos is in order to anyone who can watch the clip without getting a little choked up from Fallon's genuine appreciation.

Jimmy Fallon Thanks David Letterman by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on YouTube


Jimmy Kimmel

Kimmel was close to tears when talking about Letterman's influence in his life as well as how he changed the landscape of late night comedy. Even Cleto, the head of Kimmel's band, got emotional about the "Late Show's" Paul Schaffer and his effect on Cleto's own musical background.


Conan O'Brien

While speaking to Charlie Rose, Conan O'Brien joked about trying to upstage Letterman on his last night before saying that he'll actually urge his viewers to turn the channel and watch the "Late Show" instead. Ratings apparently aren't as important as respect.

Conan on Letterman's Last Show: 'I'll Be Naked That Night' (May 14, 2015) | Charlie Rose by Charlie Rose on YouTube


Seth Meyers

Meyers paid homage to Letterman by recreating the legend's "Late Show" opening, an act that was both touching and admirable coming from another comic.

Seth Meyers Recreates David Letterman's Late Night Opening Package - Late Night with Seth Meyers by Late Night with Seth Meyers on YouTube


Even Jon Stewart and Carson Daly had something to share about Letterman.

Stewart's send-off to Letterman happened last week but still emphasized the overwhelming appreciation felt for the late night host. Stewart remarked on the kind words Letterman offered when he was first starting out as well as Letterman's reinvention of comedy on television.

Even Carson Daly, who Letterman once said was the Pluto of late night hosts, had kind words for the icon, marking Letterman's departure as a bittersweet moment.

If the above is any evidence, Letterman will truly be missed not just by television viewers everywhere but by his peers and colleagues as well.

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