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Santa Rosa Lawmaker Proposes Plan For City-Sanctioned Sideshows

SANTA ROSA (CBS SF) - Lawmakers in Santa Rosa are proposing city-sanctioned sideshows in hopes it will stop the violence too often breaks out as drivers burn fuel and rubber, performing daring donuts and other feats. Often spectators get hurt.

Councilmember Eddie Alvarez has come up with a plan that calls for creating a venue for sideshows where drivers can do tricks in a safe controlled environment.

Thousands of young people gather at sideshows across the Bay Area.

Police in Santa Rosa are against the idea and say they are often too large to control or stop. In recent weeks, 2 girls were stabbed at a sideshow Sebastopol Road and West Avenue, in Santa Rosa. T

Alvarez insists the plan could be a great to involve youth in government and policy-making.

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