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Lawmaker Hopes Prosecutors Act Before San Bruno Explosion Statute Expires

SAN BRUNO (KCBS) - September 9 will mark three years since the devastating pipeline explosion that rocked San Bruno; it will also be the final day for San Mateo County prosecutors and the State of California to file criminal charges against the utility for the deadly 2010 incident that claimed 8 lives, injured many, and leveled entire homes.

"It's getting very close in time. I'm worried that PG&E may unfortunately get away with murder," said Senator Jerry Hill, D-San Mateo.

Lawmaker Hopes Prosecutors Act Before San Bruno Explosion Statute Expires

"It seems very clear that there was criminal activity on the part of PG&E when you defer hundreds of millions of dollars from safety, maintenance and operation," he added.

Hill also hopes that federal prosecutors, who have two additional years to file charges, will pursue a complaint against the utility.

"I was told earlier this year that the U.S. Attorney was planning to file criminal indictments against PG&E and possibly some executives from the company," Hill told KCBS, stressing that he wasn't looking to federal prosecutors in lieu of a local or state complaint.

"We want to make sure and I want to make sure that the state does protect our interests because frankly if the federal government drops the ball or decides not to prosecute that," he pointed out, "you know after Sept. 9 then PG&E goes free."

PG&E did not immediately respond to KCBS' request for comment.

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