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Large Perfume Theft From Ulta Beauty Store Leads To Car Chase; 2 Arrested

NAPA (KPIX 5) -- A large perfume theft from a beauty supply store led to a chase and the arrests of two female suspects Tuesday, Napa Police confirmed.

Napa Police Department spokesperson Sgt. Todd Shulman said two women were in jail, charged with strong armed robbery along with other charges for stealing perfume and resisting arrest. 

Police say the two women walked into the Ulta Beauty store on Trancas Street just before 11 am Tuesday and stole $3600 worth of perfume.

"They cleared out several shelves of high end perfumes," Shulman said. 

Some clerks tried to stop them, but quickly stepped back when they got worried for their own safety, Shulman said. 

"The suspects physically confronted the employees who tried to prevent them from leaving, and that's why they are charged with strong armed robbery," Shulman said. 

Some undercover police detectives later spotted the two driving on Highway 29 in a car that had an article of clothing blocking the rear license plate, just as a witness had described in initial calls to police. 

"The license plate was likely covered in an attempt to hide the markings from police," Shulman said. 

The covering was determined to be a blouse, Schulman said.

As the American Canyon Police Department began to follow the car, it sped away, turned down South Napa Junction Road and unsuccessfully tried to jump some railroad tracks, Shulman said. 

"Their vehicle was disabled - all four tires were flattened - because they tried to drive over the tracks," Shulman said. 

"The suspects did not know they had turned onto a street that dead-ended into the tracks."

All of the stolen property was recovered from inside the vehicle. 

The two women got out and ran, but were promptly arrested, Shulman said. 

Shamajai Jack, 19, and Akaila Elder, 18, both of Fairfield are charged with strong armed robbery, conspiracy, evading and resisting arrest, Shulman said.  

The Napa Police detective unit is now investigating the possibility there were other heists involving the two suspects.

"It's believed that these two suspects might be connected to other crimes in other jurisdictions," Shulman said. 

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