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San Francisco Landlord Deals With Nightmare After Tenant Pot Bust

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – An extensive indoor pot growing operation that was busted in San Francisco's Parkside neighborhood earlier this week has left the landlord picking up the pieces.

San Francisco police said this is a regular occurrence in the Parkside, Richmond and Sunset districts, as rental properties are converted into grow houses.

KCBS' Tim Ryan Reports:

Landlord Najib Batshson of Belmont said the latest bust at one of his properties caused $30,000 in damage and months of lost rent, with repairs to the floors, walls and roof, where holes were cut for ventilation.

"There is going to be tile work. They poured some chemicals on the marble and everything got damaged in the kitchen," he said.

Batshson said the electrical system at the Noriega Street home was also a mess.

He admits that he should have done more homework when screening the tenants, who he believed were foreign exchange students.

"I should have walked in to the property every couple of months to verify that everything was normal," Batshson said. "But honestly, I didn't go in it for over a year."

Batshson has hired a demolition crew, contractor and contacted his insurance company, trying to undo the mess.

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