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Laid off tech workers seek new avenues as downsizing continues

Continued tech layoffs take toll on Bay Area workforce
Continued tech layoffs take toll on Bay Area workforce 03:52

As widespread layoffs continue to sweep the tech industry, many workers are looking beyond Silicon Valley for their next step.

In 2022, Nancy Correa's life took an unexpected turn when suddenly, like so many others, she was out of a job.

"I was part of the first round of the layoffs this tech company did, and I believe they laid off over 10 thousand individuals," said Correa.

Having devoted two years to the company's communications department, Correa found herself navigating an unstable job market. A break from the disheartening online job search led her to contemplate her next move, especially with reports indicating a surge in companies announcing even more layoffs.

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"Hearing everything that's going on right now of layoffs, especially people of color, it's worrisome because we are the ones that bring the color to the room, different perspectives, and that bring value to everyone that absorbs and uses our content, whatever form it might be."

Tech giants, including Meta, eBay, Pixar, and most recently Google, have all recently announced layoffs. 

Google said in a statement, "Throughout the second half of 2023, a number of our teams made changes to become more efficient... Some teams continue to make these kinds of organizational changes, including some role eliminations globally. We continue supporting any impacted employees as they look for new roles here at Google and beyond."

For Correa, losing her job became the catalyst for pursuing her true passion: a project called "Remarkably Us". With it, she aims to highlight stories of successful women of color who, like herself, grew up in the foster care system.

"I reflected back on being a child in the foster care system and how I felt alone, but we're not alone, and why is that we only hear the negative statistics? So I wanted to build Remarkably Us to highlight stories of Latinas who have made it, who can now go back and talk to other women about this in a more positive light," she explained.

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