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VIDEO: Lafayette Reopens Trails After Rampaging Wild Pig Threat Removed

LAFAYETTE (CBS SF) -- Officials announced Thursday they have reopened all hiking trails in Lafayette after 19 feral wild pigs had been trapped and removed to other locations.

Last fall, the rampaging wild pigs caused public safety concerns and $25,000 in damage to the city parks, and extensive damage to residential property. Park officials hired a local company to trap the 19 pigs and make sure it was done safely.

But they admitted the problem may return.

"Staff is currently monitoring the park and surrounding areas," the city said in a press release. " Should feral pig activity increase, park staff may close sections of trails. Please obey all signage in the parks. There may still be wild pigs in the vicinity. The public is reminded to keep dogs on-leash at all times."

They also warned dog walkers and hikers not to approach a wild pig if they do see one.

"Do not approach wild pigs and stay off trails and out of parks at dawn and after dusk as pigs are most active during hours of darkness," officials said in the release. "If threatened by a pig, climb up a tree, boulder, bench, and, as a last resort, fight back."

Wild pigs have been roaming around the Lafayette area for years, but over the last several months they've expanded into public parks and neighborhoods and started to tear things up.

Michael Henninger walks his dog Danny twice a day in and around one of the Lafayette parks. He told KPIX 5 he has stumbled upon one of the pigs.

"It was pretty good size, you know," he said. "Probably about the size of a Golden Retriever. His back was probably up to my knee height. A lot bigger than little Danny (his dog)."

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