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Security Expert: Gilroy Fair Security Check Couldn't Stop Gunman Determined To Kill

GILROY (KPIX) - Amid the nation's gun violence epidemic, the pressure to keep concerts, festivals and events secure has never been greater.

Even with a security check at the entrance to the Gilroy Garlic Festival, a gunman was able to cut his way through a fence and get inside with a high-powered rifle.

There are witnesses who said the shooter shouted, "I'm really angry," as he shot people in the crowd.

KPIX 5's security expert Jeff Harp says when it comes to preventing violence before it starts, it is nearly impossible to stop someone who is determined to carry it out.

"Sometimes a motive can simply be hate, and this person could have had enough mental health issues or enough hatred they felt like they want to do this. There doesn't necessarily have to be a grand scheme, a grand plan," says Harp. "If somebody has the desire, they have the capability, and they have enough hate, they will go do this."


The Bay Area hosts numerous large, public events like the upcoming Outside Lands festival in San Francisco.

In the wake of the Gilroy Garlic Festival mass shooting, people are wondering what freedoms would they have to give up, to stop another act of violence?

"We're not going to lock down this country in a manner where we've got armed guards at every single entrance, militaristic style perimeters set up," says Harp. "We just don't want to live that way, we don't want to live our life in fear. There's only so much we can do."

Harp says that, in his opinion, the Gilroy Festival took appropriate security measures, but a motivated gunman clearly found his way in.

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