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Kitten Survives In Police Car's Undercarriage for 2 Days, Now Up For Adoption

BURLINGAME (CBS SF) -- A 3-month-old kitten rescued from the engine compartment of an East Palo Alto Police car was put up for adoption Tuesday, according to the Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA.

The kitten, named Fluff Fluff by the PHS/SPCA for its fluffy black coat, was discovered living a police vehicle on Oct. 30.

"We received a call on October 30 from the East Palo Police Department to assist with rescuing a kitten who was trapped inside the engine compartment of a vehicle," PHS/SPCA's Communications Manager Buffy Martin Tarbox said. "Apparently the poor little thing had been stuck for two days."

PHS/SPCA rescue staff headed to police headquarters where they were guided to the vehicle where the kitten was hiding. Staff then used a small endoscope camera to locate Fluff Fluff in the car's undercarriage.

Fluff Fluff
Fluff Fluff after his rescue (PHS/SPCA)

"Our staff climbed under the car and with a bit of tuna lured the kitten to come closer until he was able to be rescued. The rescue operation took almost two hours, but it was worth it when we were able to save the life of this tiny kitten," Tarbox said.

Rescue staff said when they found Fluff Fluff, he was a little thin but healthy overall. He also had no identification and no one came forward looking for him. They then neutered him and placed him in a foster home until he could be put up for adoption.

Tarbox described the kitten as being "shy but affectionate."

Fluff Fluff can now be adopted for a fee of $120. PHS/SPCA is open for adoptions by appointment only, so the staff requested that interested parties call 650-340-7022 to schedule an appointment to meet the kitten.

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