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KCBS Cover Story: Widow Speaks About Life In Hiding After SF Triple Killing

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – Four years after her husband and two sons were gunned down in San Francisco, Danielle Bologna said she can never forgive the man responsible, 25-year-old Edwin Ramos.

Ramos was convicted of first-degree murder in the  June 22, 2008 killings of 48-year-old Tony Bologna and his sons, 16-year-old Matthew and 20-year-old Michael.

After the killings, Bologna said she had to pray and work for survival everyday. She deeply feared that gang members would retaliate against her and her surviving son and daughter. So she created a new life.

KCBS' Jeffrey Schaub Reports:

"I lost everything. I lost my home, I lost great San Francisco. I had to move out," Bologna said. "The constant moving and hiding has been hard for us."

Bolgona recalls the day her three sons and husband drove off from home, headed out for the day. Eerily, her son Matthew told her "Mommy, if I never see you again, I love you."

A short time later came the killings, the only survivor being her youngest son Christopher. "He shouldn't have been here. If you saw what I saw, he shouldn't have been here," she said. "But for the grace of God, he gave him a second chance and I think if I can keep at least one son, thank you God."

As for Ramos, Bologna said she at one point forgave him. But after the long trial and what she said were Ramos' "smiles and snickers on the witness stand," Bologna has had a change of heart.

"Would you forgive somebody who murdered your family? I can't forgive this, I can't," she said.

The judge in the Ramos case delayed his sentencing Monday at the request of his attorneys, who have said they will likely ask for a new trial.

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