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Katherine Heigl Battles "Doubt" In CBS' Newest Drama

Get ready to be turned onto CBS' newest drama, Doubt, starting February 15th at 10/9c. The attorneys at New York's top defense firm are working up a sweat. As the stakes get higher, this group of legal warriors prepare for war. No one is safe when lives are on the line. Ready to risk it all, "Isaiah Roth And Associates" will fight injustice at every corner with evidence, probable cause and heart. Only time will tell who will walk away victorious and who will be left with reasonable doubt.

Infamous for his ferocious approach in the legal field, Isaiah "The Legal Lion" Roth, played by Elliot Gould, isn't one to back down from a challenge. He's built a career on taking risks and giving second chances to people society has otherwise deemed unfitting. He took a chance on Cameron Wirth, played by Laverne Cox, a transgender lawyer whose passion for work is never one to be overruled. Then another, with "new guy" Nick Brady, played by Kobi Libii, who earned his law degree while serving time. 

Roth has rolled the dice yet again with his soon to be highest-profile attorney, Sadie Ellis, played by Katherine Heigl. With a convicted felon for a mother, Sadie is no stranger to the legal system. Unfortunately for her, that also means she's no stranger to heartbreak. In spite of everything, she still manages to remain idealistic and believe in the inherit goodness of mankind even if her cool demeanor might suggest otherwise.

Sadie's world gets turned upside down when she meets Billy Brennan, played by Steven Pasquale. A charming, altruistic pediatric surgeon who has been accused of murder for a crime that happened 24 years earlier. Sadie's previous list of risky clients makes her the best candidate for the job. As the biggest case in her career thus far, the pressure is on to prove her client's innocence. But Billy is no ordinary client. His charisma and good-hearted nature have more than just the jury second guessing themselves. As a professional, Sadie finds herself at a cross roads between doing what's best for her and doing what feels right. It appears the courtroom may not be the only place where things are getting out of order. Will the evidence exonerate Billy of any wrong doing?

Will Sadie be able to walk to the thin line between her personal feelings and her professional duty? Tune into CBS on Wednesdays, starting February 15th at 10/9c, to see who makes it out alive, who rises to the occasion and who gets burned.

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