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Jump On Tomorrow: Coliseum Lease Vote, North Beach Noise, Warhol's Birthday

One more vote is all its going to take for the A's to officially stay at for the next ten years.

The Coliseum Authority is set to vote on the agreement Wednesday.  The agreement has already been approved by the Oakland City Council and Alameda County Board of Supervisors.

After ten years and four billion miles, the European space agency's aircraft, Rosetta will finally get up close and personal with comet #67-p. The comet is about 2.5 miles wide and made of ice, space dust and rock. This will be be the closest Rosetta has ever come to the comet and will follow it over the next several months as it plunges toward the sun.

Folks who live in North Beach are tired of all the noise. They say they cant sleep with all the heavy construction from the central subway project. Construction workers are going 24/7 at the pagoda site to remove the large tunnel boring machines. Tommorow at noon people who live near the site at powell and columbus will meet in the area to protest the work they are calling "expensive and unnecessary" .

Wednesday is Andy Warhol's birthday and to celebrate the san jose museum of art is letting people channel their inner pop artist with a printmaking class and of course, cake pops. the event starts at 1 pm.

If you are a dog lover head to downtown pleasanton Wednesday night for the annual pooch parade. Over 200 dogs will be strutting there stuff down main street. It starts a 7pm and there will be prizes for most creative costume and best trick.


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