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Jazmyn Jackson On Athletes Unlimited Softball: 'These Are Some Talented Women Out Here'

(CBS Local)-- Jazmyn Jackson is one of the best softball players in the world and she's also one of the 57 women participating in the inaugural season of a new professional softball league called Athletes Unlimited Softball, which is airing a game on CBS Sports Network Monday night at 8 p.m. EST.

Jackson played collegiately at Cal Berkley, was a member of Team USA and has even served as an assistant softball coach at Howard University. While the outfielder has had many great experiences during her softball journey, this has been one of the best for a number of different reasons.

"This has just been an awesome experience to be playing here with all these women," said Jackson in an interview with CBS Local's DJ Sixsmith. "I was a little nervous coming here about the teams switching up and the points system, but I've never felt so a part of a team in my life. As a softball player, I've learned maybe I still got this. It has been a long time, given COVID-19 and not training because of COVID-19. Softball is a tough game and I remember my resiliency. These are some talented women out here."

Jackson is currently 38th overall in points with 750. The league changed the game of softball by creating an alternate fantasy-style points system where athletes can pick up points for leading at the end of each inning, individual stats and wins. The top four women in points also get to draft their teams.

Jackson smashed a grand slam opening weekend, which is one of the highlights for her in the league so far. Athletes Unlimited features many big names like U.S. Olympian Cat Osterman, former Oklahoma State star Samantha Show and 2018 NCAA champion Jessie Warren. In addition to playing with some great players, Jackson has also enjoyed the opportunity to use her platform to talk about important issues going on in the world regarding racial and social injustice.

"I feel like its cool content behind serious things," said Jackson. "I'm addressing that I'm not only an athlete, but also a human. I think combining those two can really help people. Just because we're entertaining them or getting paid doesn't mean we don't also feel these things. We're experiencing this on all levels, whether you are on TV or not on TV. Hopefully for the people who don't necessarily understand why we're using our platform, maybe it gets them to look into things or gets them talking about certain things they might not have been before."

Watch Team Reed take on Team Osterman at 8 p.m. EST on CBS Sports Network Monday night.

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