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iPhone Warning: Don't Set Your Phone Back To 1970

(CBS SF) – An image circulating online that tells iPhone users to change their device's time and date to 1970 could make your device completely unusable.

The image using an Apple-type font reportedly first surfaced on the notorious site 4Chan on Thursday. The picture promises iPhone users a "Blast from the past" if they change the time and date on their phone to January 1, 1970, followed by rebooting their device.

A hoax image tricking iPhone owners to change the time on their devices to 1970, which renders the device useless. (CBS)

"With this easter (sic) egg, warp back in time with a classic Macintosh theme to relive the magic on your iPhone," the image said in part.

According to Wired, anyone who falls for this won't be able to use their device or restore it through iTunes. A fix would likely mean a trip to the Apple Store or even a replacement device.

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The bug reportedly affects 64-bit iOS devices, which means iPhone 5S and newer, all iPad Air models and iPad Mini 2 and newer.

Hoaxes that lead to damaged devices aren't new. In 2014, a fake ad told iPhone owners about iOS 8 having "Wave" technology, promising faster charging if they microwaved their device. Some posted on Twitter pictures of their damaged iPhones after falling for the hoax.

Tim Fang is a digital producer for CBS San Francisco and a native of the Bay Area. Follow him on Twitter @fangtj.

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