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I-880 Fully Reopens After Big Rig Crash In San Leandro Injures 9 People

SAN LEANDRO (CBS SF) -- Nine people were injured, three critically after a big rig careened through the center divide on Interstate 880 in San Leandro, crashing into on-coming traffic and triggering a chain reaction of additional crashes in the aftermath.

I-880, or "The Nimitz Freeway," was completely closed in both directions from before 4 a.m. Monday. As of 7:45 a.m., CHP said all but one northbound lane remains closed.

Northbound traffic on the Nimitz Freeway was being diverted at Washington Avenue while southbound traffic was being cleared off the highway at Marina Boulevard. Trucks are using 580 to get around the closure.

Initial reports indicated that victims had been trapped in the wreckage.


The crash was near the Marina Boulevard exit. The California Highway Patrol took reports from the scene that the big rig was traveling southbound, and somehow crossed through the median, into the northbound lanes, slamming into an SUV and Toyota Camry. One of 12 cars burst into fire. Several additional cars drove into the debris and were damaged.

Several ambulances are at the scene and a Lifeflight helicopter was on standby to land on the closed freeway according to the CHP.

9 People Injured, Interstate 880 Closed After Big Rig Crash

The worst part of the crash was just south of Marina Boulevard, in the northbound direction.

Concrete was strewn across the roadway, as Caltrans brought in a sweeper crew to clear the road.




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