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Inside Levi's Stadium: Candlestick-Like Wind Missing, But Still Breezy

SANTA CLARA (KPIX 5) -- What kind of weather can you expect at Levi's Stadium during 49ers football in the fall and winter? It may not be the brutal wind conditions at the 'Stick, but it sure isn't wind-free.

"You get afternoon winds down here," said team President Paraag Marathe.

49ers officials said they're not surprised at the windy conditions at Levi's, since both Candlestick Park and Levi's Stadium sit close to San Francisco Bay. In the afternoon, right around game time, the temperature difference between the chilly bay and warmer land hits its peak.



Mother Nature likes to "correct" that difference with wind, and it likely will play a role in which direction the 49ers choose to kick.

This doesn't mean the wind in Santa Clara is as strong as it was at Candlestick. "It wasn't that it was bad, but  it was unpredictable," said Marathe. "So you didn't know which way it was going to blow. Sometimes it would blow in a different direction in the first half versus the second half."

But a little of that breeze in the South Bay isn't necessarily a bad thing.

"Football isn't meant to be played in 72 degrees and no wind at all," Marathe pointed out. "Football is meant to be played in the elements. The diversity of elements makes football more fun to watch."

So here's the scorecard: Levi's Stadium has less wind so it gets the victory there. It also gets a little less rain than the 'Stick. It's 6 to 10 degrees warmer during the season, and it has a lower relative humidity.

49ers officials say there's only one score that counts: the final score. "A victory whether it's rain or sleet or snow.  Doesn't matter!" Marathe said.


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