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Impossible-To-Find Dress From Disney's 'Frozen' Selling For Over $1,000 On eBay

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) - The hottest dress this year won't ever appear in Vogue or Glamour. Disney's Elsa dress from the hit film 'Frozen' is as hard to find as a kid who hasn't seen the film, and savvy owners are turning the demand into big profits by reselling them online for hundreds of dollars.

"We were at Disney land in March…they wheeled out two rack-fulls and in thirty seconds they were gone," recalled mother Melissa Reyes.

There are actually several version of the so-called "Ice Dress," which are supposed to range from $20 to $150. The higher end versions have sold out. On Thursday you could find it offered for just $1,199.99, with $23.99 due for shipping. That seller had already dealt out 16 dresses through eBay for at least $399.

On eBay this week the $150 limited edition version of the dress with accessories was listed for as much as $1,500. The Disney store in Newark recently got eight of them. They disappeared in less than ten minutes.

Chris Byrne of Time to Play Magazine says the company seriously underestimated demand on this fad.

"They go and they say 'well, [dresses from the film] 'Brave' sold this many, so we think this is going to be as popular as Brave, so this is how many we're going to make," said Byrne, who acknowledged it's impossible to predict a trend like this.

Moraga dad Mark Chiarucci said he tried to buy his daughters anything 'Frozen' related during a trip to Disneyland in February and was told that everything was on back-order at least three months. He's been trying to make it up to his girls ever since.

"When clothing or anything is posted on the Disney store website it's gone in less than 24 hours," he said.

His father-in-law eventually broke down and spent $75 for two resold dolls that retail for $20.

Fortunately for parents there is hope: Byrne says factories in China are frantically sewing and trying to get dresses to market. So if you're a parent about to plunk down a grand for Elsa's dress, perhaps it's best to "Let it Go" until later this summer.

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