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Idea For San Jose Company's Marijuana-Infused Coffee Prompted By Trip To Amsterdam

SAN JOSE (CBS SF) -- Marijuana enthusiasts can now drink their bud with breakfast, thanks to a San Jose company.

Jill Amen runs House Of Jane, a premium marijuana-coffee and tea company out of San Jose.  She started testing out her ideas in the kitchen after a trip to Amsterdam.

"You will taste a gourmet cup of coffee or tea, organic, fair-trade and locally roasted," Amen said.

Since launching the product five months ago, the K-cup servings are in high demand.

Workers at the company's processing centers package up to 1,400 K-cups, and 700 bags of marijuana-infused teas per day.

Jill says it's easier for patients to medicate with these kinds of drinks on the go, or in public.  Her brand is about getting rid of the stigma, and the 'stoner' image associated with marijuana.

"Our target market is much more mainstream.  We are not marketing to the barely legal.  Our products don't necessarily appeal to a pot-head," Amen said.

Next up for the company is bottled marijuana-infused coffee, and a bigger facility somewhere in the Bay Area.

Amen also has plans to open a shop in Amsterdam.

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