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Ichiro Wore A Fake Mustache To Sit In Dugout During Mariners-Yankees Game

Ryan Mayer

Ichiro Suzuki announced his "retirement" and transition to the Mariners front office in early May of this year. Even though he said it wasn't a retirement, it did end his season as a player and, therefore, his ability to be in the dugout with the team during games as front office personnel aren't allowed there during games. But, that didn't stop Ichiro from catching an inning from the dugout view as Seattle played the New York Yankees on Thursday night.

Yep, that's Ichiro in a Bobby Valentine-esque mustache and sunglasses watching the game from the dugout. The shot, captured by an Associated Press photographer, puts Suzuki in the dugout during the game, though he seemed to have disappeared by the time the second inning started. The AP reached out to Bobby Valentine to get his thoughts on the matter and Bobby V approved saying "He was perfect. I would have never known it was him."

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