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IBM And San Jose State Partner To Advance Tech Education

SAN JOSE (KPIX 5) -- IBM is teaming up with San Jose State University in an exclusive agreement to prepare students and faculty for the newest emerging technologies.

"This collaboration between IBM and San Jose State is perfect for us. We are the anchor institution in Silicon Valley providing the workforce," said university President Mary Papazian.

San Jose State already has the greatest number of graduates working at Silicon Valley companies.

But what students learn in their tech courses here is often outdated within five years of their graduation.

"We continuously have to upgrade ourselves and I think that's why I'm here to learn more," said graduate student Apoorva Banubakode.

IBM will lend the university technology and experts in not only quantum computing,  but other emerging fields like the internet of things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, cyber security and blockchain technology.

"Our faculty and staff will be able to learn from that and our students will be able to go out into the workforce with these advanced skills," said university spokesperson Robin McElhatton.

IBM will open a special portal for the university to provide resources, and help the university create an office to support more faculty research.

It will also provide an advanced skills academy for students through a special curriculum.

One study by PWC says over 11 million U.S. workers will  need to be retrained in the coming years due to
the rise of artificial intelligence and automation.

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