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How To Plan A Surprise Romantic Vacation

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Getting away on a mini-vacation is what every couple needs now and then. These mini-vacations offer time away from the kids and plenty of time to relax. However, planning a surprise getaway for your spouse can be a challenge, especially if they have access to all of the bank statements and will see places you have made payments to associated with your upcoming surprise getaway. However, just because it might be challenging, planning a surprise getaway can be done.

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Before you can start planning the surprise getaway, it is important to know where you will be going. Determine if you are staying local or planning to jet far, far away. The destination you choose will greatly depend upon how much time you have, without giving a reason for why your spouse needs to take time off of work. Since it will be a surprise, pick a destination that is somewhere your spouse has been wanting to visit.


Start planning as early as possible. Since you will be planning this getaway as a surprise, you will not be able to work on your plans while your spouse is home. Meaning, you have less time to plan your getaway than you normally would for a family vacation.

Also, it is important to be flexible with your travel dates. Your spouse will not know what you are planning, so they might come up with plans of their own, meaning you have to change the date of your surprise getaway.


If you have kids, decide who they will be staying with while you are away. Verify that this person is available during the time you are planning your getaway and make all arrangements for dropping the kids off or having the person stay at your home.

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Book your room reservations on a credit card that your spouse will not see. Most hotels do not charge until you arrive, however, some do charge for one night upfront and others may send a test charge to verify that your credit card is active. As long as you use a card that your spouse does not have access to, your secret plans will remain secret.


Make all of the plans for your mini-vacation ahead of time. This includes making dining reservations and any recreational reservations before departing. If your spouse likes to play golf, book a tee time before leaving. And if you do not want to go golfing, make spa reservations for yourself.

Take advantage of your hotel's concierge staff. Let them do a lot of the planning and making the necessary reservations for you. This reduces the amount of planning you have to do and limits the paperwork and reservation notes you have to hide.

Though you want to plan as much as you can before leaving, do not forget to leave quiet time for just relaxing in the room or at the pool.

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Talk to only a few people about the surprise getaway. The only ones who need to know about it are those who are going to be watching the kids and possibly your spouse's boss. Other than that, do not share your secret getaway plans with others. This is mostly because others may not realize it is a surprise or they may forget and tell your other half to have fun on vacation.

Keep all reservations and paperwork in a secret place. If you work out of the home, keep these items in your desk at work or secure them in a bag that you always have with you. Do whatever you need to do to keep your getaway a secret.


Since it will be a surprise, you must take responsibility and pack for your spouse. Pack enough clothing without having them wonder why their clothes are disappearing. Keep suitcases stored where they are normally kept to avoid setting off any red flags. In fact, weeks before packing, ask for help rearranging your closet and find a place in the closet for the luggage or a spot underneath the bed. That way, your spouse will not question why the luggage that is usually in a hall closet is now being stored in your bedroom.


Creatively plan your excuse for your spouse taking time off and a reason why the kids are going to grandma's for the week. Make it believable. If needing to go to the airport to travel, tell your spouse that a relative is coming to visit and you need to pick them up from the airport. Or, if you are driving to a nearby town, suggest going for a nice dinner to the town and then ask to pull into a local bed and breakfast. You know your spouse the best, so think about what they will believe to be a legitimate excuse for going somewhere.

Before you know it, it will be time to leave on your little surprise getaway. All that is left is to have fun and enjoy this time together.

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